We offer a variety of services specially designed for IBM midrange computer and legacy systems for both medium and large enterprises. We specialize in IBM system i, first introduced as AS 400, and formerly Iseries and i5. The first Iseries models succeeded AS 400, were re-branded as i5 in 2004, and are now known as system i.

We are fluent with several different programming languages, namely, for IBM midrange platforms like AS 400, including third-generation languages Cobol 400 and RPG 400. In addition to RPG 400, other RPG dialects such as RPG II, and the more recent ILE RPG for business applications. We are also familiar with a variety of other programming languages as well. These range from the widely utilized Cobol (Common Business Oriented Language), especially Cobol 400, as well as other variants particular to the platform. We are fluent with the CL/400 operating system, and utilities such as SQL/400, and developmental tools such as AS/SET, Synon 2/E, CA 2/E, and CA Plex.

It is this programming prowess, along with knowledge of CASE tools like AS SET, that equips us at Linc Softech ideally to provide a wide range of services for your needs.

Our Iseries services include:

Application Development
Customization & Enhancements
Technology Consulting
Version Migration
Application Support
Performance Tuning
Web-enablement and Workflow integration

System i is only one area of Linc Softech’s expertise. We also restructure and modernize legacy systems. We can upgrade applications, including underlying databases, and also aid in redeployment of existing structures to open systems, and 3-tier conversion.