Legacy mainframes remain an essential component of many business’ technological infrastructures worldwide. Keeping these systems functioning smoothly and properly is crucial, yet intensive for larger enterprises, and difficult to maintain for medium enterprises. Our capable IT experts, these complications need not hinder growth and efficacy. We provide development, maintenance and support services so that these enduring technologies can continue to boost any business.

At Linc Softech, we understand that hardware is just as important as software, which is why we offer IT solutions for a variety of mainframes.

We are experts with IBM mainframes, particularly those of the IBM ES 9000 family, and the constructs and features typical of the IBM ES 9000. For example, those built with the S 390 32-bit-data design, and those built prior to, or after the S 390, those with a MVS operating system and a 64-bit design, such as the popular z/OS operating system. As an alternative to MVS, the z/OS also supports mainframe technologies such as high volume transaction manager CICS.

We are proficient with CICS, as well as the DB2 relational model database server, and IBM’s Information Management System (IMS), which is notably different from DB2. We are experienced with the JCL scripting language, and PL/1 programming language for scientific, engineering, business and systems programming applications. We are also fluent with programs written in COBOL, which are capable of inter-operating with PL/1. The primary domain of COBOL is business, also finance, and administrative systems for companies.

Whether in need of assistance on a small scale or large, Linc Softech can help.