The right technical solutions will help any business in their pursuit of growth and expansion. Smart and effective IT solutions are what we do at Linc Softech. We engineer and create IT that allows our customers to attain the business solutions they seek and require for the optimization their operations. Our varied domain expertise and industrial knowledge give us a step up over competition which we can pass on to our clients.

At Linc Softech, we can help our clients meet the demands and reach the goals of their business. Even amid rapidly changing circumstances and ongoing global development, our technological skill and familiarity alike allow us to impart a unique problem solving advantage to our clients, with that very objective in mind. We ensure our clients a timely and auspicious return on investment by automating solutions, as well as managing and limiting costs of maintenance.

At Linc Softech, we are proficient with a multitude of technology stacks. Our knowledge and expertise extends across four main categories. They are: SAP IBP / APO, IBM i5 formerly iSeries and AS 400 and IBM mainframes, Microsoft technologies, and open systems.

These categories can be broken down thusly:


We have a team of professionals with proven track record in Solution designing, configuration deploying and AMS services in SAP planning solutions like SAP APO and SAP IBP technologies right from inception and spearheaded multiple projects for major global clients like high-tech, FMCG, Agro Chemicals, Automobile and Oil, Life sciences, Pharma and gas services.

IBM i5

Formerly iSeries and AS 400; we have a team of professionals experienced with IBM Mainframes. On the IBM iSeries platform, we provide customization, enhancements, and maintenance services. We are well-versed with the following programming languages and more:

. RPG/400
. Cobol/400
. ERP applications (such as BPCS, JDEdwards and SAP)

Microsoft technologies

Whichever you require, we are able develop, provide maintenance, and/or support for web based applications and portals on the Microsoft platform such as Microsoft .NET is one of our specialties. This includes:

. Microsoft .NET (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET)
. VB6.0

Open systems

Here at Linc Softech, we embrace open source as one of the foremost, essential technological areas in order to address the needs of the small- and medium-sized enterprise. We are equally capable with everything from the Java programming language, to PHP scripting, and MY SQL and Oracle relational database management systems:

. Oracle
. Java, Perl, PHP
. Linux, Apache