Understanding processes and improving upon them is the benchmark of effective management and long term business strategy. So how does the integration of custom tailored software and technology systems help companies? By partnering with Linc Softec and using our extensive package of services, companies can learn how to more efficiently engage in enterprise resource planning, which in turn positively impacts their supply chain management.

Supply chain management is frequently broken up into five different stages: planning, sourcing, making, delivering, and returning. ERP software is essential in helping companies proceed through these stages at the most rapid clip possible while developing routines and strategies that will reduce the amount of start-up time on any individual idea. In the planning stage, ERP software helps companies understand what they want to sell, and who they want to sell it to. By grouping similar ideas and coming up with actionable processes that can be followed simultaneously by teams that are not even located in the same geographical space, ERP software minimizes communication errors or misunderstandings.

In the sourcing stage, ERP software keeps a list of all potential contacts and provides linkages between them, including automatic price updates and account listings that ultimately save time and cut down on unnecessary duplication of effort. In the making stage, expertly tuned monitoring software can help plant managers and production supervisors updated about what’s happening where on a moment to moment basis. Snags in production or unanticipated shortfalls of supplies can be remedied, or in most cases, prevented. ERP is crucial in both the delivery and return stages. These stages demand not only rapid turn around times, but an attention to customer needs and an ability to be able to rapidly process and document any goods or products which are faulty. By maintaining excellent relationships with customers and continually striving to improve the overall quality of the product, companies realize significant gains in their reputation and their overall market share.

By enlisting Linc Softec’s services, supply chain management can be transformed from a costly and involved process to a highly productive, low stress management exercise, allowing companies to focus on larger agendas without neglecting the pivotal details of day to day production and shipping.

By creating a transparent and trustworthy business partnership, Linc Softec maintains healthy and profitable relationships by providing the finest commercially available ERP and SCM services. Our dedication to customer service puts us ahead in the global market.