Industry Focused Solutions from Linc Softech

Linc Softech is committed to delivering the right solutions for the requirements of each industry we serve. Whether developing a custom application to your specification, maintaining or modifying existing applications to better suit your changing needs, or generating an IT strategy as your consultants, we keep the process transparent so our delivered results are aligned with your expectations.

Are you a manufacturer facing the end of usefulness of a legacy ERP system? Linc Softech can assist with migration to a modern, open platform. Could your discrete manufacturing process gain higher through-put with a streamlined automation system? Can your existing data be used to generate the additional compliance reporting and labeling you need to open a new market for your consumer goods? Linc Softech has the core competencies in place to weigh the options and present definitive solutions.

In this severe economic climate, the banking industry must respond effectively to increased regulation and tighter margins. Let Linc Softech help you offer your customers advanced digital banking benefits by leveraging the newest technology while reducing your operational costs and risks. Are you confronted with additional reporting requirements? Linc Softech delivers the knowledge and skill to enhance your existing enterprise report management.

Rapid statistical analysis for underwriting and simplification of claims processing can mean increased profitability to the insurance industry. Linc Softech’s expertise can improve your existing procedures to achieve optimal targets. Connectivity for remote independent agents and customers through secure Web interfaces can increase retention and provide valuable CRM interaction.

Rising transportation costs can be offset with the implementation of improved supply chain and logistics management software. Whether ocean, road, rail, or air, Linc Softech has the ability to make a positive impact in managing the transport of your goods or raw materials. Are you considering fleet tracking or dispatch management? Let Linc Softech propose the GIS solution that fits your vehicles and operations model.

Linc Softech is poised to deliver the services and custom applications to increase our clients’ return on investment. With many years of hands-on experience in our focal industries, we make certain the right solution is architected, built, delivered, integrated and managed. With an eye to fairness for all and a committment to transparency, Linc Softech is ready to concentrate on your specific needs.