Let us share some of our thoughts with you.

We believe that Lincers are self-motivated and self-starters. They are not our employees or resources, but are stakeholders who have an important role to play in growing the organization.

We do not believe in micro-managing our team members. We understand that as responsible individuals, our team members know how to work as a cohesive unit and deliver quality solutions to our customers. We are aware and understand that our team members have families and personal interests that go beyond work. We encourage and actively support our team members to have a good work-life balance.

We do care about the society, environment and economy. Wherever possible, our team members have the option to work from home. We understand the hassles and stress associated with commuting to the workplace, especially during peak hours – quality time that is non-productive.

Instead, that time could be spent with your child. Or, you might have an ailing parent or a family member with disability and would like to be with them. Or yet, you might be a single parent without a support network. The emotional gratification you derive from doing these is priceless. Not to forget, a reduced carbon footprint, savings on fuel and of course, less pollution.

We hope you find our way of work interesting. Please do drop us an e-mail at careers@lincsoftech.com or
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